MP3: New Teen Daze - "Brooklyn Sunburn"


You won’t be able to correctly guess where nascent chillwave artist Teen Daze is from based on the title of his new single, so let’s just lay out some facts right now – dude’s from Vancouver, the track’s called “Brooklyn Sunburn,” and it sounds remarkably like its title, six minutes of shimmery electro mirage that’s almost too sun-blind to handle.

But there’s a problem here that’s bigger than Teen Daze, and it’s those planes of droning background synths, those chopped-and-screwed vocals and beats – call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure we’ve heard this song at least twenty times before. “Brooklyn Sunburn” is a title that’d fit, equally well, recent offerings from pretty much every one of Teen Daze’s homespun synthpop contemporaries. Let’s hope the rest of his record, All Of Us, Together, due May 22nd, pushes the boundaries a little bit.

TEEN DAZE – "Brooklyn Sunburn" (MP3)