Terry Urban: MGMT x Q-Tip. Jay-Z x Kid Cudi. Beyonce x The Cure



Kind of late on this one, but better late than never, I always say! I've always liked Terry Urban. I'm not sure if it's because of his actual work, or because of how exciting his projects seem to be. On Urban's How My Brain Works 2, he mixes blogbabies MGMT with rap legend Q-Tip, legend and newcomer, and everything in between (somehow between MGMT vs Q-Tip and Jay-Z vs Kid Cudi, Terry mixes Beyonce with the Cure, that's sheer awesomeness).

MGMT ft. Q-Tip - Electric Stop

Jay-Z ft. Kid Cudi - Party Day N Nite

Beyonce ft. The Cure - Emo Ladies

Shoutout to Terry Urban's blog for the tracklist and the download to the whole compilation! Download the whole thing after the jump!

Download Here.

1. Lil Wayne Feat. Coldplay- Viva La Millie
2. Busta Rhymes Feat. Dream- Love Your Party Girl
3. Dream Feat. AC/DC & Audio Two- Top Billin Beotch
4. James Brown Feat. Jay Z, J.D. & En Vogue- Payback Aint A Thang
5. Beatles Feat. Van Halen & Lil Jon- All Good Children Go To Hell
6. Motley Crue Feat. J.T. Money & Santogold- Who Dat Shoutin
7. Beyonce Feat. The Cure- Emo Ladies
8. Corey Delaney- Party Intermission
9. E.L.O. Feat Doug E. Fresh- Ayo Evil Woman
10. Iron Maiden Feat. Tag Team- Whoomp There's The Hills
11. Journey Feat. Shawty Lo- Separate Ways Haters
12. Shawty Lo Feat. Billy Joel- Dey Know My Life
13. Dream- Ghetto Falsetto
14. Jay Z Feat. Kid Cudi- Party Day N Night
15. Terry Urban- My Ode To O.D.B.
16. Ol' Dirty Bastard Feat. Yuukichan's Papa- Shimmy Shimmy Mega Man
17. Jay Z Feat. E.S.G.- The R.O.C.ketship Has Landed
18. Wu Tang Clan Feat. Billy Idol- Cream Without A Face
19. Metallica Feat. Bust Rhymes & Lil Wil- Dougie Batteries
20. Surfer- So Pitted Intermission
21. Lil Wayne Feat. The Eagles- I Cant Tell You Why Ms.Officer
22. Bobby Valentino Feat. Martha Reeves & Toni Basil- Disneyland Heatwave
23. Bon Jovi Feat. Tela- Wanted Sho Nuff
24. MGMT Feat. Q Tip- Electric Stop
25. N.W.A. Feat. Jimmy Spicer- Dolla Bill Bitches
26. Clipse Feat. Slim Thug & Nu Shooz- I Can't Wamp
27. Lil Wayne Feat. Buffalo Springfield- Thinking Of What Its Worth