The Antlers - Bear



The Antlers have yet again found a way to create a song with beautiful opposites. They contrast a metaphor in the first two lines of “Bear” with bluntness in the next two. They counter the single-noted verses with a chorus backed by horns and drums.Finally the lyrics to the chorus, “We’re too old, we’re not old at all”, show why the opposites are present.

The couple in this song used to be in love but after going through an extreme hardship the girl is left sitting on the floor with a suitcase. After listening to the lyrics once, the story behind this song will become clear, but don’t let that define the song. Instead, the song speaks to anyone who has fallen out of love because the love could not withstand a certain challenge, and almost everyone can relate to that.

"Bear" was the first single released from the Antlers' heartbreaking and beautiful, Hospice. The album was released August 18th through Frenchkiss Records. Listen to "Bear" here

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