The Antlers: Daytrotter Session


Breathtaking and beautiful were the Antlers on the session Daytrotter posted yesterday. Chiefly singing tunes off their devastatingly raw album Hospice, the Antlers added depth to tracks through their live session — "Kettering," Hospice's heartbreaking first track, for example, carries a punch heavier than that found on the album.


When performing "Two," ringleader Peter Silberman sings with surprising eagerness vis-à-vis the biting lyrical tension and the overwhelming sense of surrender and hopelessness. That, I believe, is a defining moment for the Antlers.

The Antlers: Daytrotter Session 10/30/09
1. Welcome To Daytrotter
2. Shiva (from Hospice)
3. Cold War (from Cold War EP)
4. Kettering (from Hospice)
5. Two (from Hospice)

Get the full session @ Daytrotter.