The Antlers - Two (Music Video)



When the guitar strums start on “Two” and Peter Silberman sings about how he was sleeping sitting up I almost hear Conor Oberst wishing he only had one desire; almost but not for long.

Although reminiscent of Bright Eyes’ “A Perfect Sonnet”, The Antlers have created a wonderful song and video that speak for hope. The beauty of the song comes not only from the lyrics but especially the music which is clear in the video.

(Via P4K)

While strumming his guitar a faceless Silberman makes floating orbs emerge from the strings. The orbs then fill the room along with the rest of the band and eventually spread out into the New York air. The orbs are perfect visual for how the building music of this song is the sign of hope for otherwise morbid lyrics. The Antlers could have made “Two” a somber ballad but instead they created an inspiring song for overcoming pain.

from Hospice (2009)