The Big Pink - Sweet Dreams (Beyonce Cover)


Photo by Emma Svensson


I first heard "Sweet Dreams" a year or two ago, back when it was simply known as "Beautiful Nightmare", and even then I felt that this song was sort of wasted on Beyonce.

Over the course of a Beyonce album, there will most definitely be a handful of Hip-Pop&B, cross-platform hits that validate it — songs like "Crazy In Love", "Irreplaceable" and "Single Ladies" that are just so Beyonce. "Sweet Dreams" was a bit more special than that, I felt. A bit too special to be lumped together with such sensory trickery.

I am indescribably glad that the Big Pink played "Sweet Dreams" during their Live Lounge session at BBC Radio 1. Their lo-fi take on Beyonce's synthesized, pitch-perfect, all-around pop masterpiece feels right at home in the Big Pink's repertory. In a setting that can be described as the polar opposite of the setting Beyonce and her team created, "Sweet Dreams" still works devastatingly well.

MP3: The Big Pink - Sweet Dreams (Beyonce Cover)