The Bloody Beetroots ft. The Cool Kids - Awesome


Bloody Beetroot fans, fear not, our masked mavens are still slaying some sick beats.


Unlike the recent mainstream garbage remixes that have been emerging, the Italian duo are still producing some surefire ear pleasers. Who knew that melding the right combination of heavy beats and synth with the Cool Kids monotonous free-styling style would work after all?

This track makes me want to throw my hands up and get down to the music (possibly throw some fist pumps into the mix). There’s not a simpler way to put it. True to the head-banging electro style they are known for, the Beetroots have created a pretty sick track.

Most of all, I think I appreciate the collabo. The Cool Kids and Bloody Beetroots on one track? It’s like having my cake and eating it too- talk about the best of both worlds.

Verdict: Put your hands up in the air, because this is definitely a hot track. Listen to it here:

Bloody Beetroots ft. Cool Kids - Awesome | mp3