The Daily 5: Free MP3s for 7/27/11


The Daily 5: a feature in which we provide at least five absolutely guilt-free MP3s every day (more or less). Check out today's goods.

Neon Indian - "Fallout"
Neon Indian shares first track from his upcoming Era Extraña LP. Get excited. Recommended download.

Twin Sister - "Peach"
The Long Island quartet release another instrumental for free, this time the funky "Peach". This would have been divine with some of those dreamy vocals Twin Sister delivers when they try.

Pepper Rabbit - "Murder Room"
Psych-rockers Pepper Rabbit paint a morbid picture with their latest single, "Murder Room", off the forthcoming Red Velvet Snow Ball, out August 8. Also: we're hosting a remix contest for the band.

TV Girl - Benny and the Jetts EP
Here's something for your summer. San Diego duo are giving away their Benny and the Jetts EP, which is made up of four tracks with major 70s hat tipping going on. As if the Elton John reference in the title didn't already  tell you that.

Real Estate - "Barely Legal" (Strokes Cover)
This is another cut from Stereogum's awesome Is This It? tribute, Stroked. This time we've got Real Estate covering "Barely Legal", one of the more underrated tracks on the classic early Aughts album.

Artwork by Topher Edwards.