The Daily 5: Free MP3s for 7/28/11


The Daily 5: a feature in which we provide at least five absolutely guilt-free MP3s every day (more or less). Check out today's goods.

Frank Ocean - "Thinking About You"
So Frank Ocean'sNostalgia, LITE didn't come out this week, but it's all good. We've got a new Ocean track to share. Recommended.

The Weeknd - "Trust Issues"
This is more of a repost, but in the light of an awesome recording of The Weeknd's first ever live show, we noticed that Abel Tesfaye didn't perform his flip of Drake's "Trust Issues". What a shame.

No Age - "Male Masturbation"
LA noise punk, No Age cover  an LA classic "Male Masturbation" from one of LA's most loved punk bands, The Urinals. This LA love fest comes courtesy of an even bigger LA love fest, Beat LA, a compilation that pairs together unground LA bands and songs by classic LA bands. #Represent.

Sleepyhands - "We Being Human"
This piece of handclap-fused happiness comes from Australia's very charming and quite capable Sleepyhands. Excited to hear more from them.

Blood Orange - "LightHouse" (NewVillager Cover)
Dev Hynes, who usually records under the moniker Lightspeed Champion has been focusing on his side project, Blood Orange. The latest from Dev comes in the form of a NewVillager cover. It's quite pretty.

Artwork by Topher Edwards.