Check Out: The Debauchees - "I've Got Energy"

The Debauchees

Louisville, KY's The Debauchees are, according to their facebook, just three kids who like playing music and playing solitaire. We don't know how good they are at solitaire, but this single "I've Got Energy" leads us to believe that they're pretty damn good at playing music, namely that of the pop-punky, basement-ragey variety (the best variety?). Frontwoman Sydney Chadwick has a versatile, playful voice and a knack for riff-heavy, surf-y guitar riffs; her two bandmates get a tight, catchy rhythm section going with her, and you're off for a wild three-minute ride. Put "I've Got Energy" on repeat, book these guys a house show, and get psyched for their debut record Big Machines and Peculiar Beings - it's out November 12.