The Decemberists - Won't Want For Love (Margaret in the Taiga)


Today, PMA was introduced to the main female character of The Decemberists' upcoming rock-opera The Hazards Of Love. Her name is Margaret, and she sings quite beautifully on one of the tracks off their new album, Hazards of Love. So far, I've heard "The Hazards of Love 1" and "The Rake Song." I thoroughly enjoyed "Hazards of Love" as an album-opener, although not quite as much as Luis did. I loved "Rake Song" more, one of the harder-rockers Colin Meloy and his buddies have released. However, neither track gave me that epic feel that a "rock-opera," complete with characters and stories, should. But on "Won't Want For Love," we finally get a taste of the interplay between "Margaret" and Meloy's character, "William."


The song is heavily driven by another pretty aggressive, rocking drum beat. "Columbine, Columbine, please alert this love of mine, let him know his Margaret comes along," sings our (presumed) heroine as the song starts off, sounding a bit like Greta from The Hush Sound. I'm not quite sure if it's Becky Stark singing, Shara Worden, or both, but I'll admit, it was strange and almost disappointing to hear such a great opening beat for a Decemberists song and not hear Meloy's fantastic voice. Then again, I guess it was kind of refreshing- we're finally getting a sense of what the "story" will sound like, rather than two fairly straightforward tunes.

"Oh my own true love," Meloy croons back towards the end of the song, asking, "Can you hear me, love?" And if I'm judging the song and the story correctly so far, I would assume that she can't!

Overall, this is another SOLID track off of the new album. It's nothing phenomenal, mind-blowing, or special, just a very good song that continues what seems to be a darker theme for The Decemberists on Hazards. My prediction is that this will be one of those albums where the songs need to be heard in context to truly be appreciated.