REC'D MP3: The Dodos - "So Cold"


San Francisco duo the Dodos have been making their unique brand of highly considered, highly percussive, tightly interwoven rock for a couple years now, culminating in the release of 2011’s No Color. Now the band are releasing new single “Don’t Try and Hide It” with a really incredible unreleased b-side “So Cold.”

Everything you love about the Dodos is packed into the track’s four and a half minutes – Meric Long’s guitar slides effortlessly between distorted riffs and dizzyingly, deftly fingerpicked passages, while Logan Kroeber’s drums provide a backbeat that’s at once complex and danceable. It’s a gorgeous, irresistible song that could be an a-side in its own right.

Here is the a-side, "Don't Try and Hide It"