The Drums - I Felt Stupid



Summer still lingering on the brink of Fall? It kind of seems that way with The Drums' new EP titled Summertime, which was releasedSeptember 15. One of their other songs, “I Felt Stupid,” which is not on their upcoming EP (and has been around since June), brings me back to the perfect summer day at the beach.

I’ve always been a fan of Jonathan Pierce’s vocals and this time is no different. The chiming behind his swaying vocals as he sings “Have I lived my life too selfishly, baby?”, I think makes the song. If I could turn a song into a boy, this might be the jam. It’s lively and has a suffer-esque theme that makes it the song sweet. Its clear that the waves hitting the sand and a day under the sun are the band’s main influences.

Their EP was released by Twentyseven Records and features their song beloved “Lets Go Surfing.” Listen to both below.