The Field - The More That I Do


May 19 will surely be a big day for music. That day, albums by iconic musicians like Eminem and Green Day will hit stores and rip a hole through the universe (who will sell more? My money's on Eminem). That day will also harvest two albums that will give Animal Collective and Phoenix a run for their money as the year's best albums. Those two albums are Passion Pit's Manners and The Field's Yesterday & Today. What can I say? I nailed it on the head — 2009 will be the year of Electronic Art-Pop. Remember that.


To prepare us for their new album, Sweden's The Field have offered up new song, "The More I Do" up for download. On "The More I Do" you will find more sultry shoegaze and flawless ambient loops, all over bouncy dance-floor bass that will have you swaying in your chair before the song reaches its midpoint. If you don't find anything enjoyable about this song, you simply don't like electronic music.

You can tell "The More I Do" (and hopefully the rest of Yesterday & Today) takes a lot after it's older sibling From Here We Go Sublime, and it just might have the edge to top it over. You decide, take a listen here