MP3: The Field - "Then It's White"


Stockholm producer Axel Willner, better known as simply, The Field, makes iridescent and devastating minimal electronic music that — at least for this guy — sometimes takes a dozen listens to really sink in. We previously reported that Willner's new album, Looping State of Mind, would be available for mental absorption on October 25th. According to Pitchfork, the album has since been pushed up to an October 10th physical release date; Looping is currently available digitally, for those impatient shoppers. Today also brings "Then It's White", Looping State of Mind's penultimate number and the first promotional track Willner's released from the album.

"Then It's White" is The Field's lullaby with a heart of gold. Even at nearly eight minutes in length, it's surprisingly slow, exposing the smallest fractions of lush musicality as the minutes go by. As fans of The Field know, this might test your patience, but it's usually worth it.

The Field - "Then It's White" (MP3)