MP3: The Forms x The National - "Fire To The Ground"


It's been well over three years since New York based indie rockers The Forms put out their self-titled sophomore LP, but that hasn't dissuaded the band, now a duo, from reworking some of the album's highlights. On their forthcoming remix EP, Derealization, the Forms enlist members of St. Vincent and Dirty Projects, and vocalists from Pattern Is Movement, Shudder To Think, and The National. Album opener, “Fire To The Ground,” which features Matt Berninger's superb baritone, reinterprets “Red Gun” from their '07 release. It's a folksy tune that is string heavy, and assuredly too upbeat to be mistaken with The National's repertoire. Derealization comes out February 15th via Threespheres/Ernest Jenning.

MP3: The Forms - Fire To The Ground f/ Matt Berninger