The Golden Filter - Thunderbird



The Golden Filter are freaks of nature in this bloggy world. Months (or maybe even a year) ago, their first and only single "Solid Gold" hit the web to worldwide acclaim. Sprinkle on a few well-crafted remixes for the likes of Peter Bjorn & Jon and the Jay-Z sanctioned Empire of the Sun, and somehow this wonderful, mysterious band is filling up clubs all over the world.

Now, the long awaited follow-up single has arrive. Almost. Dummy is releasing the Golden Filter's new single, "Thunderbird" on a 12" record on 11/16 (you can pre-order now). The 12" will include a White Stripes cover ("The Hardest Button To Button"), and I'm really excited for that.

Is it better than "Solid Gold"? Definitely not. But the soft disco and pop sensibilities of "Thunderbird" reminded me of a subdued Music Go Music track, specifically "Warm in the Shadows."  I actually played "Warm in the Shadows" right after "Thunderbird"'s 5 and a half minutes reached an end. It wasn't until then that I knew how disappointed I felt about the Golden Filter's follow-up to what may have be the best pop song of the year ("Solid Gold" was officially released February 15th overseas, it has not been released stateside yet). You can download "Thunderbird" here: