Check Out: The Good Natured


It might seem initially easy to dismiss the Good Natured as just another product of a hype whirlwind that scoops up bands and casts them into the spotlight before they’re quite done – after all, the band have two whole songs to their name. But if you lend them an ear, it’s harder to lump the band in with other half-baked buzz objects. The Good Natured is 20-year-old Brit Sarah McIntosh (and an enlisted live band) – certainly her youth is impressive, but her voice, a sweet and confessional earworm, is too, and her cold, angsty electro-pop is most impressive of all.

McIntosh’s released oeuvre might total seven minutes or so, but “Your Body Is A Machine” and “Be My Animal” make up a solid as hell seven minutes that follows in the footsteps of (but doesn’t copy) bands like Florence and the Machine. You’ll probably be hearing a lot more from this young woman in 2011.

The Good Natured - "Your Body Is A Machine"

The Good Natured - "Be My Animal"