The Gossip - Heavy Cross



You're moments ago, but seconds away
This Washington state trio is revered for their gut-wrenching, foot-stomping indie-punk vibes and Beth Ditto's prolific wailing (not to mention her nudist fuckeries). What will fans think of the new, Rick Rubin-produced LP? They will love it, if they happen to also like Franz Ferdinand.

If memory serves, and it usually does, the Gossip aren't doing anything usual or despicable, and this is not another one of Ditto's fuckeries. The Gossip are there — the moment that comes after the moment where the band crawls out of the garage. The moment where a band feels they have accomplished everything they ever wanted to accomplish. All that there's left is to dance. We've seen it happen to time and time again. Most recently with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Read on for a peek at "Heavy Cross" and the Sounds' new single, "Dorchester Hotel"

The Sounds - Dorchester Hotel

The Sounds are back with "Dorchester Hotel," as the band's lead single for their third album, Crossing the Rubicon. It's quite apparent that the Sounds aren't planning on straying from the ubiquitous formula they followed to a T on their last album. All but love here, though. The Sounds are hellbent on crafting music with hooky songwriting so compelling that it's easy to listen to. With their first two albums as witnesses, I don't doubt Crossing the Rubicon will disappoint fans, and will surely make the band some new ones.