The Henry Clay People


The Henry Clay People are five Los Angeles kids, a set of brothers and some friends, who have been making, since 2005, music that they describe as ideal for people who prefer “hanging out, drinking cheap beer, and listening to Big Star records” to their city’s club scene. Their music accurately reflects this plebeian image of Saturday nights spent in a bar with antlers hung on the walls – two guitars intertwining like vines, a twangy voice, driving percussion. “Slow Burn” sounds like something you’d put on the jukebox on a first date, or fiddle with the radio until you found, staticky, on some far-off station. Anthemic slide guitar and dual vocals: “You can’t fake the teenage hurt.” It’s youthful, bright, and classic, something you might hear from your cool neighbor’s garage in the nineties. “Your Famous Friends” is just as anthemic: a punchy guitar solo, intoxicating rhythm, piano that brings to mind bands like Delta Spirit.

The Henry Clay People - "Slow Burn"

The Henry Clay People - "Your Famous Friends"

The Henry Clay People's new LP, Somewhere on the Golden Coast was released this Tuesday on TBD Records. Hear the full album at the band’s site, and buy it at nice low prices in all your favorite formats. Each choice comes with the digital album instantly.