The Hush Now - Hoping And Waiting


With Fountains of Wayne on hiatus, and Weezer's latest disappointingeveryone, the music world has been devoid of good ol' fashioned nerdy power-pop. Here to fill that void is The Hush Now, with a catchy, clever little gem called "Hoping and Waiting." "Hoping" is complete with an organ, an opera break in the middle, and a trumpet call straight out of "Penny Lane" (thanks to Music For Robots for that similarity).


As MFR also notes, the entire song is led by an underlying rocking bass - but it's not the bass line that will be stuck in your head after you hear "Hoping and Waiting" for the first time. It's the chorus, the too-easy, haven't-I-heard-this-before refrain that will find it's way into your head and stay there after just one listen. And don't be surprised if soon enough, it's been ten listens. This is a track that will be on repeat all day and will finally get old as the night winds down. But that doesn't mean you won't be humming it as you fall asleep.

MP3: The Hush Now - Hoping And Waiting