The Irresistible and Strange Pop of Foxes


The misleadingly plural Foxes is actually just London’s Louisa Rose Allen, a 22-year-old music school dropout who crafts completely irresistible and compellingly strange pop music all on her own. Allen’s voice is incredible, soaring resplendently like a pop diva’s over emotive piano chords here, soulful and confessional there. Her beats are fantastic too – we’re loving that processed vocal sample on “White Coats” and those undulating waves of bass giving way to angelic drones on “Youth.” Foxes has a way of walking a line between radio-ready pop and something a little weirder and more interesting that’s truly impressive – we can’t wait to hear more from her. A five track White Coats EP is coming in June; in the meantime, sample “Youth,” “Home” and “White Coats.”