The Juan Maclean - Happy House (Music Video)


Addictive looping keyboard beat? Mid-tempo dance groove? Nonchalant confident delivery? And a video launching the singer into space? Sounds like DFA has another hit on their hands with the Juan Maclean’s “Happy House”.

In the closing song on their second LP The Future Will Come John Maclean brings a great beat and head-bob ensuing keyboard work to Nancy Whang’s serenading voice for twelve minutes of fun.

The video consists of Whang and backups dancing in white with lights shining all over. The best part though is when Whang commands “Launch me into space” and the colors in the video are flipped.

If you can’t quite spend 12 minutes of fun with the Juan Maclean, the video and radio edits are still definitely worth the listen. However the build up and the space section which the radio edit cuts out are very entertaining.

[via YATM]
from The Future Will Come (2009)