The Killers - Joy Ride (Night Version)


This new "Night Version" of the Killers fun and bouncy "Joy Ride" can be found as a B-Side for their new single, "The World We Live In." What the Killers should have done is just release "Joy Ride" as their single and shelved the whole "The World We Live In" idea. The idea the Killers ran with was making "Joy Ride," an already fun fusion of disco and rock, even more dance-floor friendly, or perfect for the night about town.


They transformed "Joy Ride" into well, *crappy joke time* a joy ride Running at just over 7 minutes long, "Joy Ride (Night Version)" is an epic journey that takes you through a 1950s jazz bar, fully equipped with brass and hand drums and jazz guitars. For a second, you start to wonder if Hercules and Love Affair had anything to do with this marvelous transformation, something I wish was on the original cut on the album. Read on to give "Joy Ride" 2.0 a listen.