The Morning Benders Are Now Pop Etc, Download New Mixtape


If you’re anything like us, you probably freaked out when the Morning Benders took to Twitter and Facebook earlier today to announce their last post to the Internet. Then you probably rejoiced when you found out the band aren’t calling it quits, they’re just changing their name, on account of the word “bender” being a gay slur throughout some parts of Europe. Our only qualm here is that they’re not changing the band’s name to “The Beatles 2,” one of two names they dreamed up at their inception. Rather, they’re now going by Pop Etc, and Pop Etc has a whole new eleven-track mixtape up for your download and streaming pleasure. We’re digging the slinky, synth-driven electropop they’re bringing to the table now – it’s new, but the band’s classic smart pop songwriting hasn’t gone anywhere. Check it out.