The Morning Benders - "Go Grab A Stranger" and "Cold War" (Wallpaper. Remix)


There are two new Morning Benders songs available for your hearing pleasure today, aren't you lucky?

The first goes by the name of "Go Grab A Stranger", yet another unnecessary casualty on the war against too many tracks. "Stranger," as you have probably guessed by now, was shaved off the end-product that was Big Echo. If this "b-side" is this good, one has to wonder how many lost gems are floating around Chris Chu's MacBook.

The Morning Benders may have seen the value of the song later on though, because they have released it as a limited 7" single  which you can buy from Beggars Group or iTunes. Before you put your hard-earned pennies together, give the track a listen:

The Morning Benders - "Go Grab A Stranger"

The second tracks comes in a form of a remix by Wallpaper., who you might remember from last year's fantastic remix of Das Racist's "Combination Pizza-Hut & Taco Bell". Well, this year, Wallpaper. is reinterpreting the Morning Benders' altogether too-short, fantastic missed opportunity, "Cold War". The song had the gusto to become a summer anthem ala Zooey Deschanel, but somewhere along the road, it gave up on us. Left us hanging. Wallpaper hoped to correct that with this remix, but it's twinkly and mellow attitude really don't give Cold War's exceptionally catchy chorus much room to bounce around in. Here's to another fantastic missed opportunity.