MP3/WATCH: The Pass - "Criminal"


Louisville's The Pass and their debut album Burst continue to pour out saccharine electro-pop bliss with latest single, "Criminal". Notedly more slowed down than previous singles — "Trap of Mirrors" and "Vultures" — "Criminal" is the Pass at their most melodic. Be assured, in the bright and colorful world of the Pass, a ballad still comes equipped with an array of iridescent synths and a slimy, slippery bass line that can throw down with the best of them. Give it a listen and download below:


The Pass' video for "Criminal" (found at the top of this post) is a trippy affair. The band as edited and morphed a "1950's educational film explaining the dangers of drug use in youth culture," and used it to poke fun at the sensationalism of the 1950's and sell records at the same time. How very meta. Speaking of records, if you haven't yet checked out The Pass' album, you can do so right here.