The Pragmatic (RAC) - Circles EP FREE


RAC aka Andre Anjos has quickly become Pretty Much Amazing's favorite remix artist. With remixes like "Cobrastyle," "Nude," and "Just Dance," you won't ask me why.  And just last night, Andre tweeted me and told me about the band he's in, The Pragmatic. Who knew RAC was in a band? I didn't.


Earlier today, The Pragmatic released their debut EP called Circles. The EP features five robust songs that serve as an excellent teasure for what will surely be a great debut album. One that I am already hotly anticipating, whenever it may come. Karl Kling's delicate vocals (not unlike Ben Gibbard's) fits the sometimes-subtle oft-erratic electro arrangements like a glove.



The EP is pretty perfect, really. In just under 20 minutes, the Pragmatic are true to their name, teaching us the beautiful lesson that life's woes can always, always be danced away.

And they're doing so, all for free. You can download their 5-track EP for FREE here.

Bonus: The Pragmatic remixed Justice's "Phantom Part III"