MP3: The Raveonettes - "Forget That You're Young"


Danish rock duo the Raveonettes are back with a new song that is equal parts dream pop and alternative rock, the first single in anticipation of their upcoming fifth full length, Raven In The Grave.

“Forget That We're Young” is an ode to growing older while retaining your youth, with a weird sounding synth melody floating across slow driven bass lines and a slightly distorted backdrop. It kind of sounds like something off Blonde Redhead's most recent Penny Sparkle, not something you'd initally expect from the alt rock band. Sharin Foo's vocals are fuzzy yet crystal clear, giving the song a very meditative ambience. Raven In The Grave is out April 5th via Vice, AND they have just announced upcoming tour dates.

MP3: The Raveonettes - Forget That You're Young