The REAL MTV- Music on TV


And here begins yet ANOTHER weekly PMA post. Every week, I'll be taking you through the music of 90210, Gossip Girl, and my personal favorite, Chuck.

Since all three shows are on a quick hiatus, we're going to jump backwards in time, covering the second-to-last episodes of GG and 90210, along with the music selection of the first third of Chuck's season two.

Let's start with Gossip Girl. Season two's episode twelve, "It's A Wonderful Lie," heavily featured tunes from a major band on the rise, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Their most popular song, "Around the Bend," has recently been featured in an iPod commercial. The band's other songs aren't quite as good, but slow jam "Hero" works well in the show's context and "The Sun Ain't Shining No More" is certainly good enough to gain a ton of new fans.

GG also used a song by Brit band The Metros. Their sound is nothing new, very Kooks-y, but that doesn't mean its bad. The song, "Sexual Riot," is a very fun track.

The episode's best song, "Breakdown," comes from a new-ish band called Deerheart. Kasey Truman's heavy vocals carry the sweet and heartwarming piano-headed track. It's perfect for background music to an important moment in your life. Or just for background music to Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl Episode 2.12: "It's A Wonderful Lie" SONGLIST:

Off to 90210 we go. Their tenth episode from WAY back in November, "Games People Play," had a bit of a more diverse musical selection. The songs ranged from new hits (Kanye's "Heartless"), to teen-pop faves (Boys Like Girls' "Thunder"), to indie-folk (Joshua Radin's "Vegetable Car). It also introduces Will Dailey to the world, who will soon be hailed as "the next John Mayer." He's got a nice voice, and some nice songs- this guy will be very successful. Stereolab's "Neon Beanbag" is also used to bop the show along.

90210 Episode 1.10: "Games People Play" SONGLIST:

Now we look at the entire first third of Chuck's EXCELLENT season two (seriously guys, if you aren't watching this show yet, get on it- it returns with a 3D episode the day after the super bowl).

The season premiere, "Chuck vs. The First Date," featured some of the show's best music selections to date- Flight of the Conchords' "Foux Du Fafa" used to hysterical effect, Phantom Planet's killer song, "Dropped," powering along an action sequence, and Frightened Rabbit's "The Twist" making the episode seem even more epic than it already was.

The second episode, "Chuck vs. The Seduction,"  used the Kooks' "Love It All" (my favorite off of Konk) extremely well- empowering the Chuck/Sarah love story brilliantly. But it pales in comparison to episode three, in which my favorite song of 2007 ("Fake Empire") and my favorite of '08 ("Skinny Love") were BOTH used!  As expected, "Fake Empire" worked beautifully, and you can't go wrong with Bon Iver.

Episode four, "Chuck vs. The Cougars," used music to a more comical effect. Because the show focused heavily on Sarah's past, and a high-school reunion, 90's music was heavily featured, with both "Everybody" from the Backstreet Boys AND "MmmBop" from Hanson. Great stuff- I was smiling the whole time.

While the first four episodes do make up just over a third of Chuck's second season, I feel the need to add one more song to keep this post festive- Your Vegas' haunting "Christmas And Me Are Through." The beautiful song, from Chuck's most recent episode, features incredible orchestration, powerful lyrics, and gorgeous vocals. Listen, enjoy, and happy holidays.