The Tins "The Green Room"


Just minutes ago, The Tins fell from the sky and into my inbox, courtesy of fellow music blogger Will Oliver. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, The Tins are Adam Putzer on guitar/vocals, Mike Santillo on keyboard/vocals, and Dave Muntner on drums, and they are preparing a release of their debut, five-song EP. Give their Myspace page a peep for basic information, photos, and yes, music.

The Tins have been playing together for over four years now and they know and play at each other's strengths. This becomes undeniably apparent in the band's shining opus, "The Green Room". This epic soars for seven full minutes, never touching the ground and lifting you with it. Meticulously crafted, the song is immediately personable and familiar. Santillo and Putzer's binary vocal deliveries, their coexisting keyboard and guitar work and insightful lyrics drive "The Green Room" and the Tins to places so rarely visited by debut recordings.

Comparisons to Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown are inevitable, and surely welcomed by The Tins. You can do a lot worse than Spencer Krug. Download "The Green Room" below:

I'm interested to know what you think.