The Weeknd, Diplo & T.I. do Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love"

Officially the song of the moment.

No, The Weeknd, Diplo and T.I. don't all appear on the same "Drunk In Love" remix, but over the Valentine's Day weekend, on the heels of Kanye West'sofficial remix, these three illustrious fellows all shared their interpretations of Beyoncé's ode to sexy marital bliss. (We'd be remiss to not mention remixes from James Blakeremix and covers from Angel Haze and Future.)

We have a natural inclination to love Tesfaye's interpretation best. We've never been let down by his covers, and like his Bad-era Michael Jackson cover, he absolutely owns his reimagining of "Drunk In Love." Listen and download below:

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Diplo is never one to stand on the sidelines for long, and considering that "Drunk In Love" is quickly becoming an iconic pop culture Capital-S Song (and endlessly remix-able one at that), we're actually surprised it took this long for D to drop this dick swaggering "heavy metal" trap remix.

In case you needed further evidence that "Drunk In Love" is taking over every club in the world, here is an "EDM remix" featuring the first guy you think of when you think of electronic dance music - T.I.