MP3: Unreleased The Weeknd - "Party"


Last week two pre-House of Balloons tracks from enigmatic r&b auteur The Weeknd surfaced. We noticed they were straightforward radio fare, while only subtly hinting at Abel Tesfaye's potential. Over the weekend, a third track found its way online called "Party".

While the other two were endearing and interesting to anyone curious about the evolution of an online sensation like The Weeknd, "Party" might be heading toward the embarrassing side of the spectrum – especially when Tesfaye decides he wants to be a rapper.

Indispensable couplet: P-A-R-T-Y / And she got a twin on the side, like fries.

THE WEEKND – “Party” (mp3)

Meanwhile, we still wait for The Weeknd's third mixtape of 2011, Echoes of Silence, reportedly due out before the month's end. We're hearing whispers of a Christmas Day release.