MP3: THEESatisfaction x Shabazz Palaces - "Enchantruss"

THEESatisfaction awE naturalE

For a lot of people, Seattle hip-hop duo THEESatisfaction made their big debut on Shabazz Palaces' too-good-for-words Black Up highlight "Swerve..." Now the ladies – indeed, the enchantrusses – have an album of their own coming out on Sub Pop called awE naturalE. You can expect that to arrive on March 27th.

We've already heard teaser track "QueenS"; now check out "Enchantruss" an intense new track in which Shabazz Palaces MC Palaceer Lazaro returns the favor and drops a killer verse.

THEESATISFACTION – "Enchantruss" f/ Palaceer Lazaro (MP3)