Thom Yorke - Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses / The Hollow Earth



Even Thom Yorke can not figure out whose name his latest two singles, “The Hollow Earth” and “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses”, are really being released by. Yorke says, “They are loosely under the Thom Yorke name this time, although these days it’s all getting kind of blurry.”

No matter who is releasing these songs however, Radiohead fans and the rest of the music world are far more concerned with how the songs sound and what direction Yorke is heading in now. Unlike earlier Radiohead transitions that seemed completely out of the blue, this musical shift is a clear progression from In Rainbows.

“Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses” is a “radical rework” of an old song which has incredible drum work and vocal delivery by Thom that faintly resembles In Rainbows. Johnny Greenwood co-wrote “Feeling” and it sounds much more “Radiohead” than “The Hollow Earth”, which is clearly Yorke’s solo work.

Yorke describes “Earth” as a “bass menace” and he does not disappoint. The bass and entire instrumental work on the song are worthy of a Radiohead LP, and the vocals blend in nicely. These two singles will be available for download “around the 6th of Oct through the usual channels,” according to Yorke. Listen to them here:

Thom Yorke - Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

The Hollow Earth