Tiga (& Madonna?!) - Shoes (Soulwax Production) via BBC Radio 1



Pete Tong played the new Tiga single on his radio show a few nights ago and it's pretty great. Soulwax is on the production, so you know it's great, you don't have to take my word for it. "Shoes" exactly how Tiga should sound like: ridiculously catchy and ruthlessly danceable.

People have been wondering who the female vocalist on the track was, but according Too Many Sebastians, the female voice IS Madonna. Really? Sure, it sounds just like her... but why is her Madgesty singing with Tiga? Is she screwing him too? You're so bad M.

Take a listen after the jump . Tiga's Ciao Tiga is 4/20.

Tiga & Madonna (?) - Shoes (Soulwax Production)