Check Out: Time Wharp - "yrLyf" MP3

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Boston-via-Atlanta dream-electro wonder Time Wharp has been prolifically churning out his considered, minimalist songs via his Bandcamp for a while, and he’s gearing up to drop another EP, BLK (it follows GRN, duh) with the release of a stunningly weird and utterly fascinating new track, “yrLyf.”

All stylized spellings aside, we wish our life sounded like this song – space-y, bubbly synths, fragile as glass, and incongruous but gorgeous sitars follow the same dizzying riff as artstep computerized bass and percussion lays out a throbbing background heartbeat. Toward the second half, when you recognize the voice in that sampleTime Wharp initially pitchshifts out of this world, you won’t be able to contain your smile. BLK drops on Astro Nautico on January 23.