Tokin' Black Guy - Turn My Music High



Who are you Tokin' Black Guy?

So last night "Kanye West" emailed me [via his goodmusicinfo@gmail.comemail address — you'd think GOOD Music would have its own email server, no?] at around 2am linking me to a YouTube video for Tokin' Black Guy's (who?) new song "Turn My Music High." Since I don't do YouTube videos, I asked for an MP3, and "Kanye West" obliged and sent the track over. But who is this Tokin' Black Guy? We get nothing about him from his myspace account, or even the GOOD Music page — I assume he's signed to it.

So the next thing to pop up in my mind is the possibility of Tokin' Black Guy being to Kanye what Japanese Cartoon is to Lupe Fiasco. Or is that a stretch? It definitely doesn't sound like Kanye West — well maybe a little.

After that, I start thinking that this was all a big joke. "Tokin' Black Guy," really? I don't even know how to feel about that name. It's a pretty shit name, no? If this is some elaborate joke, or trick to get the song posted on the blog, then it's obviously working. But you know what? If you record a song as danceable and fun as "Turn My Music High" and pretend to be Kanye West, you deserve some recognition.   I give in. Take a listen, "Turn My Music High" reminds me of Outkast's "B.O.B." a little, or what Lil Wayne's Rebirth should sound like.


Martina Topley Bird Seduces My Ears

**Unrelated** If the awkward anonymity of Tokin' Black Guy is just a little too viral for you, I suggest you take a listen to the beautiful "Lying" by Martina Topley Bird. As I write this, nothing sounds more perfect that the soothing handclap-percussion-to-horns transition made throughout the four plus minutes of this lazy, sexy track. The first line says it all: I walked out of the house in your girlfriend's clothes / They fit me better than I would have supposed.