Photo by Filkoe


I saw Tune-Yards (not TuNe-YaRdS, as I'm afraid of my shift key) open for the Dirty Projectors last week while visiting the cold and wet Salt Lake City. I had no idea who they (I later found out it was just a she) were, but the gorgeous, all-over-the-spectrum noises this woman was making, all on her own, mind you, was downright awesome.

As Merrill Garbus (the woman) banged and bellowed and wailed through her set, I excitedly tweeted about the excellence my ears were treated to. I'll be honest, this folk-inspired for-real DIY lo-fi music does sound about a hundred times better live than it does on your headphones, so I implore you to check her out live with the Dirty Projectors, if you can. They will be playing Boston, November 17th, New York City November 18th (Bowery), 19th 21th (Music Hall of W.), and 22nd (Bowery, again).

These are my favorite tracks off Tune-Yards' debut album Bird-Brains:

MP3: Tune-Yards - Fiya
MP3: Tune-Yards - Hatari
MP3: Tune-Yards - Jumping Jack

Buy her debut album BiRd-BrAiNs and other releases at InSound. Stream the entire album below: