MP3: New TV On The Radio - "Caffeinated Consciousness"


Tunde Adebimpe, David Sitek, Kyp Malone and the boys are back at it, prepping the world for their follow-up to their most highly acclaimed album, Dear, Science. Two weeks ago the art rockers released a soaring ballad with “Will Do” to the radio; and are now giving away heavy rock ditty, “Caffeinated Consciousness”.

The tune shares much in common with the hard hitting nature of Return To Cookie Mountain, more so than the soulful rap influences found on Science. With it's explosive riffs and heavy percussive, it's very much a rock song, with Adebimpe almost yelling at times until the chorus finds him singing in his gentle, calming demeanor. Can't wait for this album to drop; Nine Types Of Light is out April 12th via Interscope.

MP3: TV On The Radio - "Caffeinated Consciousness

You can still listen to the other new song, "Will Do" here.