Twin Shadow - "I Can't Wait" & "Slow"


Twin Shadow frontman George Lewis starts off Chris Taylor-of-Grizzly-Bear-produced track "I Can't Wait," off his upcoming full-length Forget, with a somewhat seasonally inappropriate statement: “I cannot wait for summer.” Over a sonic forest of looping guitars, driving, cymbal-heavy drums, throbbing bass, and delicate synth arpeggios that sound like fairies appearing in films, Lewis goes on to describe, in a silky-smooth voice that recalls Morrissey at times, an ecstatic, drunken summer evening, full of over-amorous men and women who just want nice guys who dance without groping (in other words, your average high school dance). It’s a pretty song, but repetitive in the way that seems to unfortunately characterize this genre – after a while, all the times Lewis uses the word “moves” seem to blend together.

“Slow” is faster, more rhythmic and mesmerizing. Lewis’s voice, at times like a whisper in your ear, at others like someone shouting across a crowded room, is the icing on a complex, carefully considered electronic cake. “I don’t wanna believe or be in love,” Lewis sings, sometimes as close as a confessional, sometimes shouted through a tunnel. It’s simultaneously intimate and alienated. The dizzying, disorienting repetitiveness that makes “I Can’t Wait” just another chillwave song is nowhere to be found in “Slow”’s multifaceted, absorbing folds. Let’s hope the rest of Forget retains that element of complexity. We’ll see when the record is released this Tuesday, September 28.

Twin Shadow - "Slow"

Twin Shadow - " I Can't Wait"