U2 - Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix)




Justice took one of my ten favorite singles of 2008 so far (no, that was not an April Fools joke, I love "Boots," don't lose all respect for me please), and made it into something completely new, original, different, and awesome.

Rather than taking "Boots" and turning it into a club-banger, Justice instead chose to change the song's dynamic, adding soulful piano, horns, and looped Bono. So now, instead of being an awkward-groovy-rock-Radiohead imitation by Bono and company, "Get On Your Boots" is a funkadelic, toe-tapping, head-bopping show-stopper.

Part of what makes this remix so great is its unpredictability. The song starts out with the exact guitar hook from "Boots," this time with a fuzzed-out synthy vibe to it. You think this will be a by-the-numbers remix. But sure enough, the melody we are used to fades away, and gives way to jazzy pianos and sped-up Bono jib-jab. Perhaps Bono will keep flipping through his ridiculous rhymes at full-speed for the rest of the remix? Wrong again. The song slows down and finds it's groove, with horns driving a looped verse of the chorus. "Sexy boots- sexy boots! Get on your boots- yeah."

And at 2:44, the song just becomes pretty much amazing, with Bono crooning the same looped verse over just the soulful, bluesy piano keys. Without a doubt, one of the year's best remixes.


via Stereogum. Thanks for the tip Keso