Unreleased, experimental Beatles song, "Carnival of Light"?

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The facts: early in 1967, The Beatles recorded an experimental piece called “Carnival of Light” for a party called the Million Volt Light and Sound Rave (yep, that word’s got more linguistic history than you probably expected) at London’s Roundhouse Theater. The track has never been released – apparently, Paul McCartney wanted to include it on The Beatles'Anthology 2, but was shut down by the rest of George Harrison. Now, the speculation: this weekend, a few blogs were tipped off to a 13-minute MP3 that’s reportedly “Carnival of Light.” It’s a deeply weird number full of shuffling drum sounds and abstract spoken word vocals (“are you alright?” “watusi!” “Barcelona!”) – could it be legit? What do you think? We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.