U.S.E - River of Love


Photo by Sarah Murphy Jurado


Holy crap is “ River of Love” cheesy. I mean, it’s called River of Love, seriously, by the group United State of Electronica – a band that self identifies as “disco pop.” Completely, unabashedly, poppy and over the top – the little snare hit, the snappy guitar riffs, and of course the alternately auto-tune-crooning and soaring-coed-chorus vocals.

From the first twenty seconds of this song you know exactly what the next three and a half minutes are going to sound like, the lyrics are the same old same old talk about love and girls and boys and yadda yadda… So why can't I stop listening to it?!

This song is like a bag of mothafuckin’ Skittles — bright, sweet, unsophisticated, you were supposed to outgrow that sweet tooth years ago — but damn if you don’t want just one more taste.Keep this one on stand-by for 3 am makeouts in the summertime.

MP3: U.S.E – River of Love

U.S.E's Loveworld is out now via Rebel Group. Buy the album at Insound or at Amazon.