V: a goodie bag

Featuring TOPS, Nick Hook x El-P, HANZ x Danny Brown, Burn Boyz x Chromatics + SpAceKid.
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TOPS - "Double Vision"
While Montreal's TOPS are killing it at CMJ, and while you're kicking yourself for sleeping on their tremendous debut, Tender Opposites, watch the intimate home video-style clip for album highlight "Double Vision."


Nick Hook - "Sirens" f/ El-P & Rood + "Fish Food"


Seedy NYC house stalwart Nick Hook recently took out an EP via ScionAV. The whole thing sounds perfect late at night––take a walk at 3am with this blasting in your cans; you won't regret it––but we're unsurprisingly partial to the deep darkness of "Sirens" featuring El-P and Rood as well as the creative and unpredictable "Fish Food."

HANZ - "TrunkBiscuit" + Danny Brown - "Blunt After Blunt" Remix


Shadowy Georgia-cum-North Carolina producer HANZ displays a ferocious grasp on tension with his latest track "TrunkBiscuit."

You can enjoy HANZ in the longform with his highly recommended 32-minute Wealth Made Tension mix, or check out mix highlight "Blunt After Blunt" (an unrelenting Danny Brown remix).

Chromatics - "Into The Black" (Burn Boyz Re-Edit)


In case you were looking for a reason to dance to Chromatics' devastatingly gorgeous cover of Neil Young's "Hey Hey My My." We got you.

SpAceKid - "Trapezoidz"


Rising LA rapper SpAceKid rides a syrupy OSO Essex beat with class and swagger to spare.