Vampire Weekend - California English (Live)


Ezra is jumping on the auto-tune? Is this the Discovery influence coming to play? Is auto-tune the new trend in indie rock? These questions can wait, because you have to go listen and/watch Vampire Weekend perform a new track off their highly anticipated sophomore album Contra.


The track in question is "California Enlgish," and I think I love it already. The energy Vampire Weekend perform it with is rejuvenating and refreshing. Within a couple of listens, you will be trying to sing along. Within 15 seconds, your toes will surely be tapping along to the fantastic beat. Listen to and download "California English" here:

Vampire Weekend - California English (Live)

or watch the live performance over at We All Want Someone To Shout For.

Watch an awesome clip of what might just be my favorite track off Contra, "White Sky".