Vampire Weekend - Cousins (Live in Guadalajara!)


As our good friend Will at WAWSTSF said the other day, maybe THIS song is where all of the energy from "White Sky" went


Shortly after Vampire Weekend gave their new song a national debut on Jimmy Fallon, lacking most of the bounciness and joy it once had, they premiered a new song in Guadalajara, Mexico, and it's filled to the brim with fun and flair. While all we have is a crummy YouTube video and MP3, you can clearly tell that "Cousins" is good stuff from our favorite Ivy League-rockers, as they seem to be playing around more and more with wacky instrumentals, guitar lines, and Ezra Koenig's vocals.

So while it is unfair to give this song a glowing review or a negative one, due to the sheer poor quality of the audio, PMA will give this an assumed bulb rating, meaning that we are assuming how the song will sound once in its polished, edited form. And from the joy the audience seems to be sharing, the catchiness of the guitar riff that bridges the vocals together, and the playfulness of Koenig's voice, I'm assuming that this will end up sounding like another top-notch Vampire Weekend song, a la "Ladies of Cambridge."