Vampire Weekend "Giving Up The Gun" (LOL Boys Bootleg Remix)


"Giving Up The Gun" is probably my least favorite Vampire Weekend song, and it's spot on Contra had me on the fence for days. Fortunately, LOL Boys and Hotbizzies hooked us up with this steaming tropicana remix of the track, rendering it nearly unrecognizable.

In other Vampire Weekend news, Contra has a really great chance at hitting No. 1 on the US Albums chart next week. It's expected to sell between 60,000 and 75,000 scratch that, 110,000 to 120,000 copies (!!), which should edge out all competition, according to HITS Daily Double. The competition, of course, is Susan Boyle, whose debut album has been selling like hotcakes (those sell well, I presume?) since its release in late November. How lame would it be if that 60 year old bag lady (who sold over 6 million albums in a month) were to steal their moment?

The article gives us another interesting possibility: next week's only big release is Spoon's Transference. I wonder what the odds are for two consecutive indietastic chart-toppers. Spoon's last release, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga debuted at No. 10 in 2007, with 46k in sales. But that was before "The Underdog" soundtracked popular TV shows and movies and your trips to the mall.