Volcano Choir - Island, IS


Being a huge fan of Bon Iver and Justin Vernon in general, I had to give his side project Volcano Choir a listen (even though, for the most part, I'm completely against these kind of things). After listening to "Island, IS"'s four minutes, I was left with a familiar feeling. The feeling I got when I first heard Fleet Foxes' "Sun Giant" or even "Skinny Love."


Like I said, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon is leading Volcano Choir to music heaven, teaming up with Collections of Colonies of Bees. "Island, IS," the first single released from the Unmap LP, doesn't grab at you instantly, but works you slowly, shedding layer after layer with each listen, proving it has the same lasting power as the songs aforementioned.

Unmap may very well be Bon Iver's follow-up to the ridiculously good and critically adored For Emma, Forever Ago. It will be out September 2009 on Jagjaguwar. Listen to "Island, IS" here:

Volcano Choir - Island, IS | mp3