Volcano Choir - Youlogy



Justin Vernon of Bon Iver teams up with Collection of Colonies of Bees, a band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in his side project, Volcano Choir. “Youlogy,” the second song of this collaboration (first being “Island, IS”) can be described as an experiment of sounds coming from all angles.

It starts off peaceful and slow with Vernon’s angelic voice (I’d say it can be compared to the sounds of Southern hymns). But listeners beware! Although you may feel at ease after you hit play, within a minute, slamming percussions disturb the serene rhythms.

If you are driving down the street people are not honking at you from every which direction, its just the song. So, I advise you, listen with caution: there are sudden jolts of hell in the churchy feel of the song that may leave you with coffee on your shirt or worse… in a car crash.

The entire Volcano Choir album, Unmap, is out September 22. Listen to "Youlogy" here

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